Behind Her Eyes: Donna Tartt

My first introduction to Donna Tartt was reading The Secret History. It was one of the most intense and beautifully written books I had read in years. I distinctly remember the photograph of her in the back of the book; a mysterious, stylish woman who I believed had a lot going on behind those green […]

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She Was Mint Green

I wanted to share this with you. I was looking for a story I wrote a few years back and happened upon this love letter. It seems to be the case that I wrote it and then left it, it was if it was waiting for the right time to be published. As a child, […]

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The Case For A Creative Cafe

I went to Paris years ago. I sat in many cafes. There was one thing I found very different from the café’s of where I live and those I visit in London; they have a much quieter ambiance. I never heard people telling their life story for all to hear, there were no children running […]

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