Wolfwych Press

Wolfwych-Final croppedWhen life feels so overwhelming awful, you often lose your way. I am not just talking creatively but in many other ways. In some twist, you come out of it feeling slightly grateful, you feel angry and bitter about it but it gives you an idea, a flash of light that you want to harness.

People ask me why I write, I say I love it and it is the most compulsive thing I will ever do. The real truth is that…it keeps me alive.

Read into that how you will. Writing keeps my eyes open, my ears pricked up, my belly full and my heart warm. Without it, I would just be a shell. Some people will never understand this, I know people who don’t and I almost feel like shaking them because:


Sick to death of the media, the fake news, the real news, the evil in this world and the corporate bullshit we are faced with, I wanted to go back to my roots. When I was a teenager, I was a poet that never stopped writing, then I began self-publishing and I was part of a community. That has all dissipated with this “useful tool” we call the internet. Communication is everywhere yet we never really “talk” to each other. I have been unfriended even though I have known people longer in real-life than I have online, I have been ignored in the street my so-called Facebook friends, I have been pushed aside by those that think they are too cool…laughable people..pathetic people that I need no association with any longer. Yet, I have amazing best friends who I will love eternally.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have spotted the name Wolfwych.

Wolfwych is the creator of all things, the mother to her own heart and soul. She is fierce, she is ballsy and won’t put up with your crap.

Wolfwych Press will feature zines that heavily focus on poetry but will also feature essays and fiction. It will also have its own blog and shop with some merch.

I have a shirt being designed by the amazingly talented Matt Wilkins , I have a new zine coming out called Obscurum 2: The Death Issue and I have had an overwhelming response to Sunny Side Down: A Bukowski Tribute.


The shop/site is currently being sorted out but you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

Whilst we all struggle with life, find your fire and your outlet and believe me…the sun will shine again.