Oh, Dylan by Katie Doherty

Dylan Thomas

Portrait by Peter Ross

Oh Dylan. How my view is so different to yours.

We may share the same blood and the tongue we speak

clatters around our mouths at speed.

In the drinking holes of Fitzrovia, I walk in your footsteps,

I stick to your every step

but how my view is so very different to yours.

The amusement rides, the distant view, the dialect,

even the birds sing a different tune here.

The sea, it stares at me but not like our sea Dylan, the waves

don’t crash about me, they just roll away because they know

I’m not a mermaid in these parts, I am just a guest watching this tiny world float by.

Oh Dylan, how my view is so different to yours.

Poem published for International Dylan Thomas Day May 14th 2017