The Power Of The Witch (1971)


Welcome to the 1970’s.

Interest in the occult was rife and the rise of Wicca brought many people to the craft. Although I am not personally someone who follows Wicca, I found this documentary of interest for historical reasons. It has to be said that this is a very naive documentary in that we are faced with those that proclaim that witchcraft is devil worship and there are some, what we call, “media witches” on there. If you can put this aside and enjoy it for it is (it is very much of the time) then you will enjoy it.

It features Cecil Williamson, Doreen Valiente, Eleanor Bone and others.

What is Magic?


When people discover I am into “that kind of stuff” they think I am a black-clad Satan worshipping witch. The first bit is right but they are so far off the mark. When they find out that I work with magic and intuition, that sounds a lot less spooky so this led me to thinking – how would I actually define magic?

To me, magic isn’t anything spooky or supernatural. Magic is the world around us and it lives inside of us too. It’s the blossom that falls from the trees in the spring, the wild waves at the beach, the moon that bathes our streets and the grass that grows under our toes. Essentially it is an energy that we have and that we live in. Like a team, we work together with nature to create intentions and change. We feed her what she needs whilst she feeds us in the form of herbs and plants; it is this relationship we have with the earth that has never truly left us.

Intuitive Magic

I have a very intuitive approach to magic. Although I have read many books on witchcraft, folklore and herbal medicine; I have gone my own way (yes I can hear the Fleetwood Mac tune in my head too). I do what feels right, for example, I don’t use various coloured candles for anything, I use white candles for everything. I use incense that smells good and inspires the moment…it’s hard to describe the intuitive nature of my magic but I just know what I’m doing without guidance. If we want to take a very simple example of this, I chuck some sage in my pasta sauce for a little belly cleanse – mundane things like cooking can become magical actions.


The idea of guidance leads me to community. I have stumbled upon a wonderful Wild Woman Project circle who, having only met once, I feel very comfortable with sharing my inner self with them. It isn’t essential to have community of course as the true magic and intentions should come from you and if you choose to be the lone wolf then so be it.

Remember one thing; make sure you follow the path you feel is intuitive to you. Sometimes we need guidance and a little nudge but just remember that we have everything we need inside us, we just need to let it be free.

Faerie Magazine

Faerie Magazine is a rare creature. It combines intelligent features with some of the most beautiful photography. Far from the realms of silly subculture fashion it brings in every element of beauty and magic in the form of history, home décor, recipes, poetry and fiction. A publication you can certainly lose yourself in, its content imagery is something you can hear, smell and touch; it’s fabulous.

The idea of a magazine dedicated to the faerie culture may sound rather odd and far too whimsical for this cynical world but alas; they have hit on something here. The magazine brings about the oldie worldie, the traditional and the free spirit that can be found in all of us, if we let it. Quietly coaxing out your inner magic; we all have it in there. Whether you want to put on a Victorian tea party, require fashion advice from Oscar Wilde, glimpse into magical homes or learn how to make beautiful jewellery; Faerie Magazine is your bible.

Both printed and digital copies are available here

Atlas Obscura by Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras and Ella Morton


When you don’t stick to the path, when you take yourself on a completely unplanned adventure; the world opens up to you. This is what the Atlas Obscura book is all about. It isn’t about the major attractions of the world that everyone flocks to with their  cameras and selfie sticks. These are places that some may not dare to venture, some may think too peculiar but some seek the oddities of the world. If you are the latter then this is your guidebook. It is the alternative tome that takes you around the world whilst you sit in front of the fire with a hot cup of tea. It teases and dares you to walk off the beaten track and find the most wondrous places around the globe. It invites you to open your eyes to some of the world’s most bizarre rituals, landscapes and people (both breathing and dead I have to add).

Get those walking boots on and grab your passport; this is your companion to the weird and wonderful world we live in.

Hardcover: 480 pages
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company (September 20, 2016)
Language: English