The Charmers’ Psalter – 2nd Edition Gemma Gary


Now on its second printing, The Charmers’ Psalter is a beautifully bound book printed in a handy pocket sized tome. Gemma Gary has created yet another wonderful collection of charms and spells. Gemma is an artist and writer based in the South-West of England and has written many books on her own personal tradition and practices. She has helped open the eyes of many people to creating their own traditions not only in themselves but to be inspired by their geographical surroundings.

The collection is a rather mysterious one as it isn’t quite clear what the date or origins of them are, it is thought that they possibly predate Judeo-Christian Scripture. What is bound within these pages has been used by those who practise the folk magic tradition and has served many cunning folk before us. It covers a vast array of both charms and curses, some of which can be muttered quietly hence the pocketbook version which can be taken anywhere you go. From love to broken bones to curses; a practitioner is certainly covered for all eventualities.

As usual, Troy Books have created a beautiful book. It is bound in gold foil-blocked rust cloth and is a very inspirational addition to a witch’s library. Use it as it is or use it to create your own charms. It is highly recommended.

You can buy it here.


The Long Hidden Friend by John George Hohman



These words were written with the idea that this book was to serve as a charm to the carrier. Whoever would possess it would be able to find a charm to suit their needs.

The Long Hidden Friend first appeared in 1820 and now makes its way into the hands of Troy Books who have made it into a beautifully bound hardback tome. It contains a plethora of folk magic including charms, recipes, bindings, prayers and remedies for healing. It is beautifully illustrated and edited by Gemma Gary (who I am sure some of you will be familiar with), she also helps enlighten us about the author and the history of the book itself.

As a whole it really does feels like you have so much rich history and magic in your hands. In fact, the idea of it being a charm in itself is rather true if you apply it accordingly as each page explains in detail a recipe or a charm for just about anything. Either make it as your very own reference guide in any situation or be inspired by its contents to carry into your own practice. Not only is it a tool of inspirational magic but it is a slice of history that is a real treasure to keep in your library.