The Power Of The Witch (1971)


Welcome to the 1970’s.

Interest in the occult was rife and the rise of Wicca brought many people to the craft. Although I am not personally someone who follows Wicca, I found this documentary of interest for historical reasons. It has to be said that this is a very naive documentary in that we are faced with those that proclaim that witchcraft is devil worship and there are some, what we call, “media witches” on there. If you can put this aside and enjoy it for it is (it is very much of the time) then you will enjoy it.

It features Cecil Williamson, Doreen Valiente, Eleanor Bone and others.

An ABC of Witchcraft by Doreen Valiente


Doreen Valiente is quite the name in the craft. She studied and practiced magic since she was a teenager and was one of the first students of Gerald Gardner in his own tradition: Wicca.  During her lifetime she moved around the country a great deal, met many important people in the craft and she wrote many books on the subject. The one thing that is rather wonderful about this book is its breadth of subject matter which will be highly useful for those of you who wish to start on the path to witchcraft. This isn’t a spellbook and it is isn’t a “how to” book, all of that is pretty much up to you but this is a great primer for all things magical.

Doreen Valiente is mainly known for her Wiccan works but if Wicca isn’t your thing then don’t fret, this book will still be of interest to the magical scholar and “wayside witch” too.

Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Phoenix Publishing (WA) (July 1, 1988)