Full Moon In Scorpio



Source: danaboulos.tumblr.com

This is a very special full moon post. I am a Scorpio and I am as intense and emotional as this full moon implies. The sensitive nature of this moon will indeed heighten your own emotional well-being hence why this is a good time to do some intuitive work. So, I have put together a little meditation dedicated to this particular lunar event.

If you can go outside this evening then do so.  Assuming you can see her, take it as an opportunity to moon bathe. Light a candle of your choice, a good one would be red that represents the fiery passionate that comes with a Scorpio moon but the colour is your choice.

You can sit with your legs crossed or you may choose to sit on a chair/beanbag/cushion etc.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply for the first few seconds and then return to your normal breathing. Feel your body relax from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Allow yourself to be filled with powerful energy; courage and passion. Feel the strength enter your body and allow the clarity to fall upon you. Anything that you feel may be unfinished or a little bit messy in your life, then this is the time to re-focus and kick some ass!

You can remain in this meditation until you feel ready to open your eyes. Blow the candle out and go to bed. This is a good opportunity to write down any feelings and thoughts that came to you and to record that night’s dreams.

The Book of Fortune Telling by Madame Fabia


Whilst wandering the streets of Haworth one afternoon searching for the ghosts of the Bronte’s I happened upon a small bookshop. This little gem furnished me with a tome called The Book of Fortune Telling by Madame Fabia. Unfortunately I misplaced the book whilst moving and have only just been able to purchase it again.

The Book of Fortune Telling’s first edition was published by Daily Express Publications in 1935. After an Internet search I wasn’t able to really get much information on who Madame Fabia was. It could of course just be a pseudonym for someone putting the book together. In not so many words, Madame Fabia points out that the reader should not take the book seriously and that it is just for your entertainment; this could be an early disclaimer. In various parts of the world psychics and occultists have been asked to add this as a disclaimer which unfortunately spreads doubt and jeopardises the legitimacy of the service acquired.

This book, if you are interested in fortune telling is actually a really good primer. It features palmistry, astrology, handwriting, dreams, card readings, numerology and phrenology. An all rounder when it comes to the study of the future I’m sure you will agree. The best thing about this book is that it can help you gain interest into a certain area such as cartomancy if you so wished to pursue that field. I have to add at this point that this book isn’t on general sale as it is long out of print but online bookshops that deal in rare or old books will have it so keep an eye out for it. It is worth being in your collection.