La Vie Bohème!

Our lives are dominated by commerce. We must work to live, some live to work and others just get by. So it isn’t surprising that in this day in age, there are lots of people, like you and I, who work on our art during our lunch hour, a few moments on the commuter train […]

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An Interview With Ingrid Calderon

Ingrid is a poet. A damn fine poet at that. She’s featured in the latest Patchouli Press chapbook, Sunny Side Down: A Tribute to Charles Bukowski, she is a resident of Los Angeles and she has been published both online and in print. But why does she write? Who or what gets her creative juices […]

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Burning Of The Midnight Lamp

It’s been a hectic few weeks for me, from a personal perspective. I have attempted to plan new and exciting adventures for 2018, in a creative manner of speaking and this of course includes Patchouli Press. I have a few ideas I am playing with but in the meantime I’d just like to get the […]

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The Case For A Creative Cafe

I went to Paris years ago. I sat in many cafes. There was one thing I found very different from the café’s of where I live and those I visit in London; they have a much quieter ambiance. I never heard people telling their life story for all to hear, there were no children running […]

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Finding Mother: Anaïs Nin

My love for Anaïs has been with me for many years. When I was a teenager I had heard of her but living in a small town with no good bookshops or a comprehensive library meant I never found her on the bookshelves. In my early twenties it was then I began collecting her work […]

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