The Magical Art Of Gemma Gary

Gemma Gary is a very soft spoken soul. Creative and articulate; her books are beautifully written and illustrated. She is based in Cornwall, England and is the co-owner of an occult and antiquarian publishing company called Troy Books.

I am absolutely enchanted by her art and felt, after so many years of reading her books and following her work online, she should appear on Patchouli Tea.

Gemma Gary 002Gemma Gary 3Gemma Gary 4Gemma GarySkull Cup by Gemma GaryThe Old Farmer - Gemma GaryToad by Gemma Gary

The Artwork of Mystic Mamma

Mystic Mamma is a fabulous website that is packed full of thought provoking articles, wisdom and inspiration.

As a regular reader, I desperately wanted to feature her artwork on the blog. The artist behind Mystic Mamma is Mijanou Montealegre –  a mystic, an artist and a mother. Her combination of ancient wisdom together with clean and striking imagery makes it an absolute sight (or should I say site) to behold.

Her work (as featured below) are limited edition Glicee Prints of her Digital Art Collages. If she wasn’t amazing enough, she says she will plant a tree for every piece of artwork sold.

A truly wonderful soul. You can find her site here



Paris As The Muse: The Photography Of Brassaï

My first encounter with Brassaï was many years ago when I bought a copy of Anais Nin’s A Spy in the House of Love. The cover was of a couple drinking tea and sharing a tender moment in what looks like a Parisian style cafe in the 1920’s or maybe 30’s. I was entranced by this bohemian image and immediately sought the photographer out. Today, that image is printed on a postcard that is stuck to my wall next to where I write. It inspires me each time I stop to glance at it. I thought it only right to include his work in the gallery, if his photography inspires you as much as it does me then you will be in heaven.