Welcome to Patchouli Tea.

I am Katie Doherty. A poet, a writer and owner of Patchouli Press. This is my personal blog.

Published work:

The Menteur Literary Magazine Paris/UK

A Cafe In Space: The Anais Nin Literary Journal

Paper and Ink Literary Zine

Your Black Opium Poetry Anthology (coming in October 2017)

Dread Central

Spooky Isles UK

Editorial Work

Editor at Black Sunday Magazine (2010-2016)

Curator of Obscurum: An Occult Anthology and Obscurum 2: The Death Issue

Guest Editor for Paper and Ink Literary Zine: Girls To The Front (coming soon)

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The idea of creating a press was born back in 2009. Patchouli Press was called The Teacup Symposium.

I created zines and visual art and travelled to zine and book fairs, occasionally tabling. I took my work from place to place, I was a nomad and the travelling press was my contribution to showing the world some of the best underground writers, poets, essayists and artists – with a little macabre twist, check out the Obscurum books and you will see what I mean.

The bottom line is that nothing has changed but the name.

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