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My artistic life started at a very young age. Throughout the course of my life I have written poetry, fiction, unfinished novels, been the editor of a magazine and now I dedicate my time to being a poet, prose writer and visual obsessive.

This is my blog – Patchouli Tea.

I grew up in a small town. There wasn’t much to do apart from listen to grunge music, burn incense and read books (not a bad thing of course).  At 18 years old, I left. I always felt more of a city girl and having been a nomad for many years I never really had plans to settle – I was always on the road. On my journey I got heavily tattooed, gained a degree in film, bought a record player, wrote some zines and produced a book of surrealist poetry with a bad printer, staples and a photocopier. Now I live halfway inbetween –  near the sea and countryside but also close to the great city of London.

You can find my literary blog at Wolfwych.com 

Note: All images that do not belong to me are credited. These are usually promotional shots from websites to accompany reviews. If you want me to remove anything then please do contact me.