A Brief History Of Tea

According to the legend, a man named Shen Nung who was the Emperor of China in 2737 BC, discovered tea by accident. As he boiled his water, some leaves from a Camellia sinensis tree landed in his water and after tasting it he believed it to be something quite special. His discovery was soon brought to his country and tea was born…well a legend was born. There are many tales of how tea came into being but this is a really great story.

By the end of the third century AD everyone in China was drinking tea and later on there were records found detailing how plants were picked and processed. Funnily enough as a nation of tea drinkers we were the last to have tea imported over, from 1662 it was shipped over to England and the East India Company were the main suppliers. This wasn’t just a “down the hatch” drink like some use it today (shame on you), it was a luxurious drink that was so expensive that only the rich had the privilege of sipping on it. If you were seen drinking tea then you were seen as a very wealthy person indeed. This was all thanks to a Princess who was also quite the tea addict; she was Catherine of Braganza who came to the country and made tea rather fashionable.

In 1771 the heavy duty tax was lifted so it would stop being sold on the black market, as soon as this was done – tea was available to everyone and is still drunk today as part of our daily routines and lives. Whether it is to wake us up, cheer us up or help with certain ailments – tea is the saviour of millions of British people.

In this section you will find reviews and features on the subject of tea. If you have any recommendations or you would like me to sample your tea then please do contact me.