It’s been a long time since I’ve actively sat at my desk and put a few words together. This year has been hard, so much so it has cost me my creativity, my mental health and in the literal sense of cost; money. Hence why I ceased running Patchouli Press however, after a few months of rest, moving to a new city and re-thinking things; I am back online.

It is apparent that I have changed the name of my blog a few times in the past couple of years. Some people may not have noticed and others probably did and rolled their eyes at my multiple personality internet disorder. I knew that there was something wrong after the event when I noticed how many times I had created folders on my laptop, all labelled as my new “projects” I had started. Now I am realising that this cannot happen any longer so without any associations to my previous businesses such as “press”, I decided to go back to an old name – Patchouli Tea.

It wasn’t all bad, back in September I had a poetry anthology published by Analog Submission Press and I also managed to keep my Instagram feed fairly up-to-date because telling stories with pictures seemed so much easier.

Now, I plan to put everything back together piece by piece. Each shard of glass will be glued together carefully until I can see myself a little clearer. I will be updating this blog regularly so please do bookmark it.


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