She Was Mint Green

I wanted to share this with you. I was looking for a story I wrote a few years back and happened upon this love letter. It seems to be the case that I wrote it and then left it, it was if it was waiting for the right time to be published.

As a child, I would sit at the table typing away on my Mother’s typewriter. I would spend
hours writing poetry and prose. Then, just a few years back I would find myself doing exactly the same thing after purchasing a typewriter from eBay. It wasn’t the beautiful mint green colour that I previously owned but nevertheless, it was wonderful.

Typewriters seem to have been around for some time after their invention in the 1800’s when they became the staple office piece. Although modern technology has superseded both the typewriter and the word processor there seems to be quite the typewriter revival. Yes, we have laptops, mobile phones, tablets and PC’s but many people seem to love the old-fashioned typewriter still, I can hardly blame them.

It must be said that I live in the past. I cannot relate to the excitement of new technology, yes my trusty laptop allows me to write, edit, cut and paste comfortably and I can type away on it until my fingertips are bruised but the sound and feel of the typewriter is something very special indeed. A quiet Sunday morning with a hot cup of tea, pulling my typewriter up onto my desk and then opening the cover, blowing away the dust and preparing it with clean white paper is a ritual I enjoy so much. I sit at my desk, sip my tea and begin to type.

Whilst using a typewriter you only have one chance to get it right you tend to mull over your words rather than being too dependent on your delete button or your spellchecker, in fact using a typewriter I believe is a useful and educational tool. I remember when I used the typewriter as a child, the number of times I would refer to the dictionary to seek out the correct spelling, from that moment I had learned a new word, several in fact over the course of my childhood writing.

Although new technology is rather brilliant I do think it can be too much for some, for me, it is anyway. I enjoy reading books, I enjoy writing in journals, I enjoy tapping away on my typewriter. Am a Luddite or do I just enjoy the use of good old fashion pen and ink? Who cares, now let me get on with my writing.


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