Romance Is Undead: Only Lovers Left Alive

It may seem a little late (or is that early) for Valentine’s day but who says that Halloween can’t be a romantic time of year?

If you haven’t seen it already then I suggest you purchase a copy of Only Lovers Left Alive written and directed by Jim Jarmusch. Before I had actually seen it, I had seen a montage of luxurious images that just spoke to my soul and there was no doubt that this film was going to be a firm favourite in my vampiric library.

Only Lovers Left Alive is a sumptuous piece of film. Visually rich and graced by some of the most wonderful actors that fill the screen with elegance and decorum; it moves away from the comedy vampire we may see in Hollywood.

Jarmusch has made it his duty to create vampires that are graceful, sophisticated, cultured, bohemian and extremely romantic. Their brutality is taken away by the way they feed, no nasty neck stuff here. We are seeing the vampire myth being updated, the romanticism still lives on that we may be familiar with from such author’s as Anne Rice.

The film’s mise-en-scene speaks of cool, bohemianism and culture. Adam and Eve are a married couple who live a world apart from each other but are very much in love; a love we would all die for (no pun intended).


Adam lives in a darkened house in Detroit, he is surrounded by guitars and his own little world of music and creativity; he openly hates Hollywood and its “zombies”. Eve resides in Tangier, she lounges around her kimono and is surrounded by books. They are both incredibly cool – they play vinyl, drink from chalices and even the entanglement of their post-lovemaking body’s looks like a sculpted piece of art. What is classed as a horrific act of mutilation and death is made into a thing of beauty and coolness. No more long capes and contact lenses, these are beautiful vampires living in beautiful worlds surrounded by beautiful things.

Only Lovers Left Alive Eve

It is a very original story that is stylish and avoids the usual clichés. A classic love story of century-old vampires that will go to the ends of the earth for each other are reunited.

What you will find most captivating is the lack of action, the emphasis is on interaction and dialogue, in some cases it is so beautifully shot that it speaks for itself.

Watch this with your lover. If you don’t have one then watch it anyway and hope one day you will find your Adam or Eve.

Director: Jim Jarmusch

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