Documentary – David Lynch: The Art Life


David Lynch certainly does dip his toe in many waters. His mind seems creatively disturbed, beautiful, wonderful and sharp; one would think his life has been somewhat dark to produce such a body of work. This documentary will bring more light to this and help us to delve deeper into the psyche of such a man.

The Art Life is a fabulous piece of film that tracks Lynch’s life from birth to the present day; exploring his life as an artist. He isn’t just chained to the paintbrush; Lynch explores the world of photography, mixed media and filmmaking. His images are stark and thought-provoking very much a reflection of his films.

Through old footage, photographs and memories we are taken from place to place; all the way through to Philadelphia and onto Los Angeles where he currently resides. It is a piece of film that lacks that forced interview formula that we can often tire of, Lynch speaks over the film as we explore his world through flashbacks and shots of him working at home.

For those of you who are Lynch fanatics then this will complete you. If you are an artist, this will inspire you. If you just love a good documentary – this will make you fall in love.

Director: Jon Nguyen

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