The Thinking Person’s TV: Twin Peaks 2017

Laura Palmer

On-Demand box sets and Netflix have improved the quality of television somewhat. We aren’t bound to soap operas or films; we have something in-between that is addictive, obsessive and a lot more cinematic than TV has ever been before.

The new season of Twin Peaks has certainly shown the world how you can create a soap opera, a horror and a psychological thriller that is both surreal and perfectly straight forward; all at the same time. This particular type of viewing I call “the thinking person’s TV”. Why? As viewers we can’t turn away, we can’t glance at a magazine or speak to our friends when it’s on, we need to listen and capture every drop. No matter how it looks through our eyes, we all have a different opinion on it; it creates a forum where everyone takes something very different from it.

This is true art. There isn’t a beginning, middle and an end. It has depth, emptiness, resolution and mystery. We flock to the water cooler on a Monday morning to discuss it, agreeing and disagreeing with each other and even doubting ourselves. We aren’t bound to the good movie/ bad movie, we love it and disagree on it on so many levels but understand it is a rich tapestry that at some point may be brought to some sort of resolution. maybe. David Lynch doesn’t allow you to be spoon-fed, he likes to give you pieces so you can go off and do your own research, find your own solutions and then come back next Sunday and see how you have done.

Cinematically, it is beautifully shot and it is evident Lynch has taken his lessons learnt from years of directing and has applied it to the new season of Twin Peaks. This may come as a shock to those a little less surreal in their television watching, to add to this there is a lot more nudity, violence and profanity in this last season. This aside, when we do enter the town of Twin Peaks there is a sigh of relief, a little warm feeling travels up in your belly and everything feels ok again.

Agent Cooper

What I am really getting at here is that Twin Peaks has made us all talk. A lot. I have spent hours staring out of the train window thinking about Agent Cooper. I have seen the research that has gone into discussing each episode online, I have debated with people about the tangled web that the plot seems to have created. We haven’t stopped talking about Twin Peaks, ever since that first episode was shown all those years ago, we have always had a piece of our heart dedicated to that fictional town. We have tasted the coffee, the sugar coated doughnuts and we have fallen in love with each and every character often spotting Bob in a crowded London street. It sticks with you, you dissect it and you try to rationalise it.

Twin Peaks Cast

This is true art. It gives you feelings you can’t comprehend, it can leave you both satisfied and unsatisfied, you are confused, conflicted and in love with everything you see, your brain is going to explode.

Welcome to Twin Peaks.

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