Burrito Deluxe: A Novel By Joseph Ridgwell


Putting together the Charles Bukowski tribute zine has been amazing so far. Along the way, Joseph Ridgwell and I bumped into each other and he gave me his book Burrito Deluxe to read. He wasn’t fishing for a review but I was compelled to write about it.

Sex, drugs and burritos. It sounds like a Mexican heavy metal backstage party, it’s not; it is the East End version of a Jack Kerouac novel. Joseph Ridgewell’s novel Burrito Deluxe is a compelling story of two friends who decide to quit the crap of London life and go on a road trip to Mexico. Filled full of Señoritas, beer, burritos, psychedelic visions and drug fuelled adventures. It rejects the norm and embraces the free spirit in all of us. The young adolescent that doesn’t want to commit and just wants to run free.

It has the pace of Kerouac but the narrative and language qualities of Bukowski. I am not attempting to compare but this is why I fell in love with the novel. It is simple, beautiful, harsh, truthful and despite the flaws of the characters you still want to buy them a beer.

Fan of the Beats and Charles Bukowski should buy this book from: leamingtonbooks.co.uk

Patchouli Tea

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