Glengettie Tea


I have to say this before I go on with my review but…I am not biased when it comes to this tea. Yes, it is Welsh and yes I am Welsh but I had never heard of it before (shame on me, I know). I was told by my Mother that this tea, many years ago, was considered to be of a very high class of tea or for “the posh people”. After seeing it on the shelf of my local supermarket I needed to try it, it has been around since 1952 afterall. Talk about late to the party…

It is a delicious black tea that has become on of my favourites. It’s funny because usually they sell it in Wales but for some reason my local shop has it – is there a Welsh take over in England?

The tea itself is a full bodied black tea, it is rather strong but it is a really lovely wake me up tea and it has taken over my usual morning brew. I have to have a cup of black tea as soon as I wake up and this has been by my side for a little while now. The good news is that they seem to sell it under the Typhoo brand which means you can buy it online really easily. If you love your tea mellow tasting yet strong then order some of this – it is delicious.

Glengettie Tea Site// Typhoo Shop

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