Bluebird Tea Company’s Skinny Minny Tea


Digestive disorders seem to be rather common these days. I am not into taking lots of tablets so teas and herbal remedies are my go to.

Having suffered from an unknown stomach disorder many years ago (which has thankfully gone – I believe it was stress related) I tried everything. What I found was that I was sitting all day in work and then all evening at my desk writing; sitting after you have eaten was not doing me any good and still doesn’t.

After discovering The Bluebird Tea Company’s Skinny Minny tea – I was in love. It contains Chinese pu’erh tea, Chinese oolong tea, ginger, orange, ginseng and fennel; a potent mix for those with bloating or IBS. Some medicinal teas I have made the past aren’t really something to sip with pleasure but this is a really lovely tasting tea that settles the stomach down pretty quickly; probably the best tea I have come across for digestive problems. It has a really lovely smell that is probably down to the mix of fennel and orange that also adds to how delicious it is.

I am really passionate about herbal tea and its medicinal uses so I really wanted to make you aware that this exists. Having this in the morning would be an excellent way of getting your metabolism going, I would also advise to keep it close by during the day so it can help kick that gut back into natural harmony.

You can buy it right here

Skinny Minny tEA box


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