The London Tea Company – Purple Tea


Being a visual person I do enjoy beautiful things and one of those involves tea. I love the cups and saucers, I agonise over the colour of  my black tea each morning and what I have discovered that I love more than anything is – the wonderful array of colours that comes from brewing a cuppa.

Purple tea. Now that sounds like a match made in heaven for someone like me who is tea obsessed and calls purple one of her favourite colours.

As soon as that water hits the bag it is like a Jimi Hendrix video, the swirls of purple and deep crimson create this amazing fragrance of Hibiscus. Tea with this particular flower in it is rather tart and has that almost bitter cranberry taste to it; this can be sweetened of course. It is very punchy so I think this would be a great tea for elevenses, to awaken those senses during a busy morning at work.

The London Tea Company have made quite a lovely tea here because you are not only getting the tastiness of the tea but the fragrance is lovely, hitting your senses all in one lovely cup of purple tea.

Shop for it right here



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