Patchwork People: Musings on being multi-faceted


I see it too many times, I see people shying away from their true selves because they worry about the opinion of others. They believe that people will evict them from their social circle, if you have friends like that then we will not call them friends. True friends know you well enough to enjoy your company whether it is head banging at a gig, walking around bookshops, getting tattooed or reading your poetry out loud to a hall full of patchouli wearing bohemians (which will include yourself of course). I am and have always been – multi-faceted. I am not afraid of it either. I can be whimsical and wear a victorian style dress or I can get some skinny jeans on and cowboy boots. I am just me and within that; there are a lot of different pieces waiting to be discovered.

I am an entity, a full person who is not rich in pocket but rich in appetite; an appetite for knowledge and exploration. I am interested in so many things in this world that my brain spins in my skull as every second ticks by. My observations show me that there are many people with a certain façade but inside they carry a great patchwork of loves and hates. Some of these patches are so unlike each other yet some are nearly identical, however they will never be shown to anyone else because the façade is so strong and so influenced by onlookers that the patchwork is like another person, a secret person nestled inside you. It is all good and well to have guilty pleasures but when you are not fulfilling your life when time is so short, it brings great sadness.

I may have a job but my purpose in life is undoubtedly; writing. If you look into my history, I believe I may have covered a lot of ground when it comes to my craft. My writing career has ranged from publishing traditional to surrealist poetry, gothic short stories, producing autobiographical zines, I was an occult columnist, a creative copywriter and the editor of a rock and roll magazine. I have taken the route of which I started and I am writing for myself, incorporating influences from the people that took my hand and led me down the path I so wished to walk down.

I am however, susceptible to obsessions. I may have years of reading a certain circle of authors and then I may discover something else but for me, within art, obsession is completely healthy and it feeds the mind, it feeds the soul – it is a beautiful experience because it shows you are hungry. I am always hungry, if not starving.

Whet your appetite and open up to yourself. You only have one chance on earth and you must use it. Drink it up, indulge, learn, discover and never be afraid of making mistakes. Be yourself.

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