The Novel of the Future by Anaïs Nin


Anaïs Nin is a name people usually associate with erotica. Well, there is a lot more to her than that. First and foremost a diarist, her work became a worldwide success and she proceeded to write essays and host several lectures.

Anaïs was very fortunate to have lived and be surrounded by some of the most wonderful bohemians of her time. She danced with them, wrote with them, supported them and endured the company of some of the most brilliant minds. This book is a wonderful collection of advice from one of my favourite writers of all time.

The Novel of the Future has been described as a manifesto. She tackles the mainstream writers of the time and compares it to her own approach to writing. Her duty within this is to pluck out the lesser-known writers and give them more credit for their. She explores her own creativity that lies in emotion, dreams, psychoanalysis and textures. This book gives a real insight into her writing. If you are someone who just thinks she wrote about sex then you should really delve into more of her work and then read this. With such insight into her writing it will really give you a deeper understanding of her world, which I believe is rather magical and compelling. This book may not be for everyone but it does include lots of inspirational tips and insights into the mind of an artist.


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