On Writing by Stephen King


I have always been a fan of horror and as a child, I remember seeing Stephen King books at home, presumably my Mother’s as she is also a horror lover. I remember reading a couple and being quite scared by them. It was simple storytelling with wonderful imagery; I was hooked.

As a bestseller you just kind of assume that Stephen King just got published then bang…millionaire status. This is how little I knew about publishing and how little I knew about him it seems. I had seen this book in many bookshops but had never picked it up, for reasons I am not sure. I ordered it one day as I was doing research into creativity and I was absolutely bowled over by its honesty and advice.

On Writing is packed full of funny stories and useful tips that will leave you wanting to start a new novel or finish off that story you started last summer. Between a horrific accident and problems with alcohol and drugs, he has certainly come out the other side and is not afraid to tell all in this book. It is an honest and inspirational read that is constantly entertaining, it doesn’t preach and it certainly doesn’t tell you what to do. It simply hands you the tools of writing and leaves you to do what you need to with them. Basic, fascinating and practical. I believe this book should be on every writer’s book shelf.


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