The Abundant Bohemian by Joseph Downing


The Abundant Bohemian may sound like a book that will allow you to be an artist and be rich. Firstly, you can be an artist, no matter what path you have chosen in life and yes you can be rich; I do not mean in pocket but in happiness.

This book is a fantastic and inspirational read. I have to admit that this is the book I always wanted to read. I knew that I had to work to pay the bills but I also wanted to write and in my romanticism I didn’t think I could really be a bohemian by having an office job. No-one said I couldn’t do both, I am just too absorbed in the artists of Paris and London that it blinded me to the point I needed a reality check. This book helped me with this.

The Abundant Bohemian touches on ways we can balance our lives. We can work and be bohemian, we can be brave and go it alone; it is our life and we can do whatever we want. The days of a job for a life have long gone and Joseph really labours the point that security is just an illusion. Whether you are a self-employed crystal healer or a banker; you can lose everything. There is no time to wait and see what happens or no time to save for a rainy day; the idea is to live in the now. Be brave. Live beyond the conventional life our parents set up for us and do what makes you happy.

Filled to the brim with thought provoking advice and inspiration, it is a great go-to book for the modern bohemian.

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