Business for Bohemians by Tom Hodgkinson

Writer and founder of The Idler, Tom Hodgkinson has produced a book that many bohemians may be after. Business for Bohemians is an interesting guide to everything you need to know about starting and maintaining your own business whilst still being able to be a bohemian.

It is a very straight forward and straight talking book, terribly uncomplicated and is rather honest in what running business is really like. From the outside, it all looks very exciting to own a bookshop or be a writer or run an art academy but in reality – it is hard work but ultimately you are doing what you want in life.

From boring business plans, scary spreadsheets and the all inevitable conversation about money; Tom has a way of making these all seem a bit easier to deal with. We are bohemians here not managing directors of financial empires. We would rather go to work in a kimono than a boring old suit.

This book looks at social media, the pros and cons of it all. It is about reaching out to real people, face-to-face, flyers and events. In the same vein, it is good to balance work and play; walk the streets, have a glass of wine and sit in cafes. It’s good for the soul.

This book has some valuable advice that isn’t too stuffy and is rather amusing too. Give it a go if you want a drink in one hand and a fruitful spreadsheet in the other.

Picture: Chris Floyd (author picture from Business for Bohemians)

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