The Life Of A Bibliophile


The book is too good

You want to finish your book because it is so good but you don’t – how does one carry on after such an amazing story?

Hi new friend!

When you buy a brand new book that has just been released and you hug it like an old friend.

Go away!

When people talk to you and you are obviously reading.


When you would rather buy books than food. Or clothing.

How will I live without you?

Forgetting your book when you have a commute ahead of you can lead to withdrawal symptoms, pining and sometimes tears.

And your point is…?

Having about five books on the go at the same time and still being able to track each plot.

I still have book vouchers to cash in, let’s not be so hasty

When someone asks you what book is your favourite and realise you would know that answer if you died in 30 seconds from now but you also realise you have the rest of your life to read more books and who knows how amazing they can be.

I’m sorry? It’s not written on paper?

Kindles or PDF’s of books. Just no!

Just call me the book donkey

Tote bags are a gift to the reader – now you don’t have to wait for that book in paperback to fit into your handbag.

Shelves cost money and I don’t have any room in my book budget

When shelves are actually – desks, tables, the floor…

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