Lydia Peever’s Tea Picks


Lydia Peever is a horror author and journalist from Ontario, Canada. She is a big fan of horror music, books and film–so anywhere there is blood, you will probably find her lurking somewhere in the corner.

Her short stories have appeared in Postscripts To Darkness, Dark Moon Digest, For When The Veil Drops and her small collection, Pray Lied Eve and it’s sequel Pray Lied Eve 2. The follow up to her first novel Nightface has also been written.
In her spare time, she helps update the new releases section of the Horror Writers Association website, photographs zombie walks or bloody punk rock bands, and records a few podcasts.

You can visit her website here

I’m a big tea fan, although it often gets overshadowed by my massive coffee consumption. To tell the truth I’m not one to pick sides, except in the morning I may prefer a coffee, and in the evening tea may sit better.

My darling tea is hands-down Earl Grey. Twinings makes a great one, though the last two boxes I’ve had were from Ahmad Tea. Both really great. There is a boutique roastery in Ottawa named Bridgehead which has some of the best loose leaf Earl Grey I’ve ever had and I often gift it for holidays – the Twinings loose leaf is a runner-up to that.

Rooibos of all kinds is my decaf star, over and above any decaf coffee I’ve ever had. Rooibos is lovely any time of day, the redder the better!

I also love Sunflower brand loose leaf Jasmine Tea. Nothing beats heading into Chinatown for so many varieties of Jasmine!

Not a big fan of dried herbals, but when I have a garden handy, I really like mint, borage, basil, chamomile or whatever you can pick and steep. The exception is Yarrow tea for circulation, and counts as the only real medicinal use of tea I can get behind other than tea being a hot cup of something which is usually always good!

Last year my sister was into Pu’er teas and some of the longer steeping teas, and while I don’t have the patience for that or some of the lovely green blooming teas, I will note those for retirement when I have more time to steep tea!

Commonly, I opt for a black cup of whatever Tetley or Red Rose is around when the coffee or milk is suspect. It’s very rare that I take tea with any milk, sugar, lemon, or anything so it is a frugal bet.

My father has been a tea drinker all of his life and for a short time was into a good Earl Grey. Save that tryst, he’s been an Orange Pekoe guy but the Earl Grey reminds me of him ~ likely because it was an oddity. The bergamot scent even worked its way into my first novel, Nightface, and it’s all because of this tea. I’d have to say I like it for these things and also because even a bad cup of Earl Grey is at least a decent cup of black tea!

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