Breathe and Make Time For Yourself Magazine

Being rather strict about which magazines I purchase, I didn’t really hesitate buying this after flicking through it. First of all, the beautiful cover caught my eye; the artwork is so whimsical and I love whimsical. With such words as creativity, escaping and wellbeing printed on the cover; I had to purchase it immediately. What I feel lacks in other magazines is its longevity. Some people tend to cut pages out and keep them the majority of the time they get read and they go in the recycling bin. Breathe is very different in that its contents is so useful that it is something you would probably keep on your shelf; it is like a reference book, I can see me referring to it again and again. A very refreshing read.

Just to give a taste of what you will expect from Breathe; features on essential oils, dreams, crystals, coping strategies, ideas for boosting your creativity and applying mindfulness to your day. It isn’t full of jargon, everything is well written and very inspiring plus the magazine is beautifully set out. I love these little paper surprises.

Use their shop locator on their website to find out your near stockist.

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