The Artist’s Guide To Tea

Bookworms, bibliophiles, and creatives I call you forward to proclaim your love for a good book and a cup of tea. Yes, tea and literature go together so well that we cannot think of a time these two didn’t exist together in such a wonderful marriage. That ritual of warming the pot and waiting for the leaves to infuse or maybe you prefer bags? Whatever takes your fancy there is nothing like getting cozy with tea.

‘Surely everyone is aware of the divine pleasures which attend a wintry fireside; candles at four o’clock, warm hearthrugs, tea, a fair tea-maker, shutters closed, curtains flowing in ample draperies to the floor, whilst the wind and rain are raging audibly without.’ Confessions of an English Opium Eater by Thomas de Quincey

 Oh, Thomas, you got it right there. It is a luxurious and self-indulgent moment when you have lovingly brewed a healing elixir fit for any purpose or for any troubles life throws at us. A stimulant that pushes us gently into the arms of creativity and our daily lives. It is a healer that takes away our aches and pains and helps us drift off when our minds are spinning like a hamster wheel.

There are so many different blends out there today that can help with pretty much every ailment. From digestive problems to insomnia to helping wake you up. If you need a few pick me up teas when you are getting creative then follow my guide:

Wake me up from this slumber, I need to write.

For a long time black tea has been a favourite for anyone waking up in the morning. Some people swear by a cup of tea first thing and there is a good reason. It has been said that black tea helps to keep you more alert and keep your attention on the job in hand. This is a must before sitting down to write in the mornings, as I am more of a night owl.

Favourite: Bluebird’s Great British Cuppa (loose leaf).


I can’t sleep, I can’t stop thinking about my book

After a long day of creativity it can problematic in the way that your ideas are still buzzing through your head. What do you do? After trying this wonderful tea that is not only tasty but has a wonderful relaxing effect that helps you drift off nicely; you will be excited to float into your dreams.

Favourite: Clipper Organic – Sleep Easy


I’m Stressed, I have a deadline

During my exams many moons ago, someone once told me to drink chamomile. I tried it but the taste was so bizarre I wasn’t interested yet all these years later – it is one of my favourite teas. I try and drink this whilst working as to ease the stress of my workload; it is incredibly warming and really does help you remain calm during the working day. I recently found it had been blended with vanilla – it is delicious. My favourite so far.

Favourite: Higher Living: Chamomile and vanilla organic tea

No useage without permission.

I need a break (and maybe a slice of cake)

Earl Grey tea has always been a winner for me, I have sipped my way though many cups and nibbled on many pastries too. It was exciting to find a blend called Earl Grey Crème, which includes vanilla. It is like drinking earl grey with the most dreamiest creamy taste. The best one I have tried yet.

Favourite: Bluebird Tea Company’s Earl Grey Crème


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Having only just discovered the wonderful world of Chai, I have been looking at trying out all sorts of different infusions. Having been given an authentic Indian chai awhile back, I fell in love. It is so warming; it makes me feel very cosy and is a wonderful addition to snuggling up under the duvet and reading a good book. India Tea has an array of tea’s I am dying to try.

Favourite: India Tea – Coconut Chai


Patchouli Tea

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