Fortean Times Magazine

I am quite sure that everyone has heard of the Fortean Times. The first issue was produced in 1973 but under a different title The News and soon became the Fortean Times in 1976. The idea was to create a Fortean version of the British newspaper The Times but it would include esoteric matter. If you indulge yourself in its extraordinary pages each month then that is fantastic. If however, you haven’t then you are in for quite a treat. I wanted to add this to the list of periodicals due to its relevance and fantastic writing.

The bizarre and esoteric world we live is encapsulated in the pages of the Fortean Times, naturally. We have the occult, the supernatural, aliens, conspiracy theories, monsters, myths and legends…the list goes on. It provides us with inspiration to find out more about things we don’t understand in life, open us up to possibilities, inspire stories in us and it doesn’t read like a cheap weekly magazine; it is intelligent and concise.

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