Little Book of Maudism by Lucy Coleman Talbot


In a world that is dominated by death, it appears many people forget about living. Those that lose loved ones mourn their loss yet forget to celebrate the light they had inside them and what it was that made them special. The words – death positive sound like a paradox but the simple fact that we die is always on our minds but if we choose to understand it, embrace it and live our life to its full potential then it won’t seem so daunting.

Lucy Coleman Talbot has written a wonderful book based on the philosophy of Maud from the novel Harold and Maud by Colin Higgins. It is an unconventional love story concerning an aging eccentric named Maud, who sees the beauty in life and a young man, Harold, who is rather obsessed with death.  Maud teaches Harold how to embrace every day and face up to the simple fact that everything dies. It is a beautiful story. The essence of this tale has been brought to life yet again (it was made into a film) with Lucy’s book. Each chapter is a life lesson, it teaches us how to be human. Sounds very simple but it is an amazing read that will inspire you to step back and look at your life (and your death).

You can buy your copy here

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