Village Witch: Life as a Village Wise Woman in the Wilds of West Cornwall by Cassandra Latham-Jones


As one can imagine, there will be plenty of people that would disregard the job title – witch. Not for Cassandra. She is a village witch and the Inland Revenue are fully aware of this fact.

Cassandra decided to write this book as a way of telling her story. With quite a difficult tale to tell, she opens up her life to the reader and explores the path that led her to being who she is today. The first part of the book is her personal journey from childhood and through adulthood and the second is about her approach to magic. The second half goes way above the usual books on witchcraft, she encourages you to explore it for yourself rather than just reading someone else’s work from a page. It is an encouraging book that allows you to open up your mind, to explore, educate and use your own intuition. The magic is within yourself and all around you, you wont find the answers in someone else’s words.

Paperback: 228 pages
Publisher: Mandrake of Oxford; 2 edition (21 Jun. 2013)

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