Spells From The Wise Woman’s Cottage by Steve Patterson


Steve Patterson is a folklorist who has brought the magic of Cornwall into the pages of this beautifully bound book. If you have been lucky enough to venture down there or even seen some snippets on their website then you may know that The Witchcraft Museum in Boscastle have set up a scene that helps its visitors have a taste of the magical life of a cunning woman. Known as Old Joan, she sits at her table surrounded by jars of herbs, tools of the trade, candles and her familiar spirit animals.

This particular display was the inspiration for Steve Patterson’s book. It features her old book of spells, a detailed guide to the Wise Woman’s Cottage and historical facts on the cunning folk of the West Country. It is a rich tome that takes you way back to when cunning folk were the pillars of the community and it teaches us the nature of the witch and her craft. A valuable piece of work for anyone studying the old British ways.

Hardcover: 152 pages
Publisher: Troy Books 2016
Language: English

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