The Weary Traveller

Tonight, I had an idea. A rather splendid idea for a story. I took my pen and my pad and started writing; I wrote a side of A4 and then I stopped. Again. I have been doing this for a few months now, hitting brick walls and feeling rather foggy headed. When I say foggy […]

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Turn On The Light

“Don’t fight the darkness. Don’t even worry about the darkness. Turn on the light and the darkness goes. Turn up that light of pure consciousness: Negativity goes.” ― David Lynch, Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity

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Behind Her Eyes: Donna Tartt

My first introduction to Donna Tartt was reading The Secret History. It was one of the most intense and beautifully written books I had read in years. I distinctly remember the photograph of her in the back of the book; a mysterious, stylish woman who I believed had a lot going on behind those green […]

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It’s been a long time since I’ve actively sat at my desk and put a few words together. This year has been hard, so much so it has cost me my creativity, my mental health and in the literal sense of cost; money. Hence why I ceased running Patchouli Press however, after a few months […]

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Fragments: Richard Brautigan

I like to collect fragments, I sometimes keep them in my pocket and others I want to share. Here is one of my favourite Richard Brautigan lines, so simple, so evocative; so very Brautigan. In a Cafe “I watched a man in a cafe fold a slice of bread as if he were folding a […]

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She Was Mint Green

I wanted to share this with you. I was looking for a story I wrote a few years back and happened upon this love letter. It seems to be the case that I wrote it and then left it, it was if it was waiting for the right time to be published. As a child, […]

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The Addict

Anne Sexton Sleepmonger, deathmonger, with capsules in my palms each night, eight at a time from sweet pharmaceutical bottles I make arrangements for a pint-sized journey. I’m the queen of this condition. I’m an expert on making the trip and now they say I’m an addict. Now they ask why. WHY! Don’t they know that […]

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Creativity vs Negativity

I am always prone to what we call writer’s block and some people don’t believe in such a thing. I do. I hate it. It is my enemy. Yet, when I look at the times I have not been able to write, I see a pattern; I am usually in a storm of negativity. I […]

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As Is The Sea Marvelous

E. E. Cummings as is the sea marvelous from god’s hands which sent her forth to sleep upon the world and the earth withers the moon crumbles one by one stars flutter into dust but the sea does not change and she goes forth out of hands and she returns into hands and is with […]

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A Desk Of One’s Own

I will admit, I am quite the procrastinator. I drink lots of tea first and then there is the “tidying” of the desk. It’s my preparation time, my warm-up. The space of a writer has always been something that has interested me since childhood. My parents bought me a desk and I was forever shifting […]

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La Vie Bohème!

Our lives are dominated by commerce. We must work to live, some live to work and others just get by. So it isn’t surprising that in this day in age, there are lots of people, like you and I, who work on our art during our lunch hour, a few moments on the commuter train […]

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An Interview With Ingrid Calderon

Ingrid is a poet. A damn fine poet at that. She’s featured in the latest Patchouli Press chapbook, Sunny Side Down: A Tribute to Charles Bukowski, she is a resident of Los Angeles and she has been published both online and in print. But why does she write? Who or what gets her creative juices […]

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